Art Beyond Sight


Art Beyond Sight (ABS) is known for well researched multidisciplinary “model” programs and easily usable resources, created with renowned partner organizations and gifted to the community with the Creative Commons license. We have a commitment to hire and train emerging, disabled future leaders of the cultural industry and create systemic change by addressing barriers to inclusion from multiple stakeholder vantage points. ABS along with the National Endowment for the Arts are creating a web -based "Careers in the Arts Toolkit for People with Disabilities"; we actively seek "resources" that will assist disabled artists and cultural workers with their training and employment search.To share your resources or assist in our mission, email [email protected] (Art work shown here: above and centered by Kevin Quiles Bonilla of a man laying on his back straddling a stone wall which cuts horizontally across the entire image. He holds a bright blue plastic tarp over his chest and head with the calm ocean in the background. Image above left by Shannon Finnegan. A mostly black and white image of a Google Search page which looks to be hand-drawn. The word "search" is in primary colors. In the search box are the words "The 504 Sit-In 1977").