Hacking Politics

Hacking Politics


UC Berkeley Center for New Media, SFMOMA's Public Knowledge Initiative, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, and the UC Berkeley Boalt Law School, in collaboration with For Freedoms' 50 State Initiative, will host an exhibition opening and a conference about data in our political landscape. In a joint statement on the show, the collaborating partners write: We often describe asymmetrical and unanticipated actions in a technological context as “hacking,” yet what is being hacked in our current moment is not just infrastructure, but the structure of civil society. From our political structures and infrastructures, through the political process, to the larger framework of civil society, we live in an era when the intersection of media, technology, and politics is producing profound, and profoundly unpredictable, effects.

In the shadow of the the 2018 midterm elections, join us to explore how our political system has been — and might be — manipulated, transformed, and even remade in ways its framers could never have imagined. Speakers will include: Burak Arikan, Erica Baker, Ingrid Burrington, Maciej Ceglowski, Ruth Greenwood, Lawrence Norden, Nate Persily, Gireeja Renade, McKenzie Wark, and keynote Hank Willis Thomas. The symposium is a collaboration between BCNM and SFMOMA and is presented in association with the launch of the Civic Data Solidarity project at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

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