Sydney King, us, in part

Sydney King, us, in part


Images and installations from us, in part and Photographic Columns by Sydney King are now on view as a part of our residency at the International Center of Photography Museum.

us, in part is a meditation on the body and on photographic representation. King creates images through multiple exposures, physically masking the negative to hide and reveal certain parts of the body. In King’s process, she is interested in the unexpected connections that are formed between people, creating a new form of portraiture that aims to slow down the way we process photographic information.

With Photographic Columns, King makes double-sided inkjet prints rolled into cylinders, displayed in variable size and formation, that seek to inspire the viewer to look at photographs beyond two-dimensionality.

Sydney King (b. 1995, San Francisco, California) is an artist working primarily in large format photography. Her work explores methods of unlearning photographic vision through intervening with the way the camera takes in light. King received her B.A. in Art & Archaeology from Princeton University in 2017, and attended the Yale School of Art Norfolk residency in 2016. Her work has been exhibited with the Dean Collection, Chashama, Site:Brooklyn, the Lewis Center for the Arts, and others. She will be a resident at VCCA in the summer of 2019.

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