On sanctuary & safety: NO to Measure 105

On sanctuary & safety: NO to Measure 105


On Tuesday October 16, 2018, 6-8PM, we are hosting a town hall and exhibition opening in the library inside of KSMoCA at Martin Luther King Jr. School in Portland Oregon.

This event is intended as a dialogue about sanctuary and safety in Portland, and everybody is invited to participate in this long table discussion - including children, parents, teachers, and folks from the larger Portland community! At the end, we will hear from Oregonians United Against Profiling and learn why it is important to vote "NO" on Measure 105, which could end Oregon’s status as a sanctuary state.

The exhibition was created as a result of a workshop with artists Camila Araya and Daniela del Mar of Letra Chueca press and the students of Ms. Johnson's 5th grade class, and it will be installed in the library at the school.

This event was organized by artists Lauren Moran and Patricia Vasquez.

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