Lawn Sign Activation

Lawn Sign Activation


The Tang is joining this nationwide initiative through For Freedoms, a public, non-partisan, lawn-sign-making event and exhibition that aims to promote civic discourse and a multiplicity of voices.

On Tuesday, September 25 — National Voter Registration Day — the public is invited to the Tang from 5:00 to 7:00 PM to register to vote and to make their own lawn signs. The signs begin with one of four phrases that visitors can complete:

Freedom Of _____________

Freedom From ___________

Freedom For ____________

Freedom To ____________

The lawn signs allow participants to define freedom in their own way and articulate a vision of freedom that contains multitudes.

Visitors will be invited to have their signs installed outside the Tang, where they will stay on view as part of a public art project through the November election. Those who wish to display their signs at their own homes are encouraged to share images of their signs on social media with the hashtags #ForFreedoms and #TangMuseum.

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