Community Forum on Gun Safety
Kate Wool

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Kate Wool

Community Forum on Gun Safety


FRI. OCT 5 @ 5 - 7pm

Community Forum on Gun Safety, Raven Landing, Fairbanks, Alaska 

The community forum consists of a moderated discussion with 5 panelists, focusing on what our community can do with improvements on and education of gun safety.

FRI. OCT 5 @ 7 - 8pm

Raven Landing, Fairbanks, Alaska

Kate Wool will be photographing additional activists who want to send a message to Washington, DC. A poster, similar to the Well St. Art Co. banners, will be sent in January to all three Alaskan delegates to communicate that we want and need more gun safety legislation.

If you would like more information on this project,

please contact Kate Wool or For Freedoms.

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