Double Double: Chinese Knots Making Workshop

Double Double: Chinese Knots Making Workshop


Emily Wang and Alice Sparkly Kat will lead a workshop on making various traditional Chinese knots, which symbolize both struggle and unity. By attaching stories of oppression to knots, participants form a constellation of stories throughout generations and varying waves of immigration and struggle, into an amulet and good luck charm.

Emily Wang is a visual artist, musician and astrology and tarot practitioner. She has recently shown at Practice, Yonkers, 80WSE, New York and Assembly Room, New York. She performs under the moniker Lima Rei and with the band dies smely at music festivals and different venues around New York City.

Alice Sparkly Kat is a queer astrologer of color with four years of experience in individual consultation, lectures, workshops, and writing. They use astrology to speculate on the ways culture inhabits biology. To them, astrology is a process of imagining the cultural alien through the metaphor of outer space. Their website is

No RSVP required, this workshop is free and open to the public at the For Freedoms exhibition space. Thursday Night, ICP's Pay as You Wish museum rates apply from 6 - 9pm.

Emily Wang 和 Alice Sparkly Kat 将会带领一个制作各种传统中国结的工作坊。中国结同时象征着奋斗和团结。 通过把受压迫的故事和中国结联系到一起,参与者可以把多个世代的一系列故事以及移民和奋斗的种种浪潮编结成为护身符和幸运符。

Emily Wang 是一位视觉艺术家、音乐家、占星师和塔罗占卜师。她最近曾在纽约的 Practice、Yonkers、80WSE、New York 和Assembly Room 展出。她以绰号 Lima Rei 表演,和乐队 Dies Smely 在音乐节和纽约市的不同场地演出。

Alice Sparkly Kat 是同志、有色人种、占星家,拥有四年的个人 咨询、讲座、工作坊和写作经验。彼等用占星术来推测文化栖息的生活形态。 对彼等而言,占星术是通过星际间的象征来想像侨民文化的过程。 其网站为

Emily Wang 和 Alice Sparkly Kat 將會帶領一個製作各種傳統中國結的工作坊。中國結同時象徵著奮鬥和團結。通過把受壓迫的故事和中國結聯繫在一起,參與者可以把多個世代的一系列故事以及移民和奮鬥的種種浪潮編結成護身符和幸運符。

Emily Wang 是一位視覺藝術家、音樂家、占星師和塔羅占卜師。她最近曾在紐約的Practice、Yonkers、80WSE、New York 和 Assembly Room 展出。她以綽號 Lima Rei 表演,和樂隊 Dies Smely 在音樂節和紐約市的不同場地演出。

Alice Sparkly Kat 是同志、有色人種、占星家,擁有四年的個人諮詢、講座、工作坊和寫作經驗。彼等用占星術來推測文化棲息的生活形態。對彼等而言,占星術是通過星際間的象徵來想像僑民文化的過程。其網站為

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